In June’s issue of Treason, Seán looks at some of the best track of the past 2 months and has his say on which ones top the list. Our 3 top picks are below.

Bell Diver Spiders – Me & Her: A debut single and great one at that from The Bell Diver Spider’s. These young lads have been rising in popularity, especially within the youthful side of the of the scene, for the past year and no doubt that the release of this track will help push that popularity to the next level. See them unveil the single in Kelly’s Cellars on the 30th of June alongside Alpha Twin, Saint Sapphire and Red House.

R51 – Heavy Friends: Currently plying their trade in the heavyweight division of the Belfast music scene, massively popular indie/pop act R51 gave us another reason why they’re a cut above the rest. Heavy Friends was released on the of 23rd of May and features some of the catchiest licks and melodies produced by the band. One that i’m sure I won’t be able to get out of my head for a while.

On Parole – The Witch Hunters Epilogue: Released along with a music video on their Facebook page, this latest tune from the On Parole came at us as a pleasant surprise. The first release from their upcoming ‘Cult Of The Righteous And Harmonious Fists EP’, The Witch Hunters Epilogue encompasses everything we’ve come to adore from On Parole while still showing glimpses of a new direction for the band. Riffs galore and charismatic vocals are the secret ingredients as always but tracks seems to take a step away from the garage-rock-style choruses and take a step towards traditional anthemic metal choruses which is an interesting development that I hope to hear more of in the remainder of the EP.

Written by Seán McD

Featured photo of The Bell Diver Spiders

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