June is when summer is supposed to arrive for most of the UK.   You’d except the weather to be glorious, and see beer gardens overflowing with happy faces, right? Wrong – it appears summer hasn’t blessed Belfast with her presence just yet. However, a stellar gig on a gloomy Thursday is just what the punters needed.

Voodoo basked in the sounds of Belfast rockers Anto and the Echoes, with support coming from the edgy Fox Colony and The Late Two’s.   Unfortunately, due to work commitments, I was unable to see all three support acts, however if the line-up I saw was anything to go by, I’m sure the first band put on quite the show.

Fox Colony, although not typically my cup of tea, definitely lifted my spirits after a tiring day at work.   Aesthetically, if I could describe the trio, I would say they reminded me of the boy in the school hall, tirelessly trying to impress the popular girl.   Cute, but their sound certainly made an impact with a jam-packed standing area.

The Belfast Punk-poppers really did put their all into their performance, belting out lyrics you could actually relate to in real life – something music nowadays lacks.   All in all, the boys put on a great show starter, getting everyone in that summery mood.   

One downside, for me, although some may like it, was the Belfast accent that came across quite strongly in some of the lyrics.   One of the reasons why I’m not a fan of The Undertones (shocking, I know), but a bit of good old fashioned audience participation leveled that out!


Next on the bill were The Late Two’s, what only could be described as one of the most polished local bands I have ever witnessed.   Which was a relief, given their slightly overpowering entrance music and smoke filled stage.   A little bit too dramatic.

Unlike other bands of this punky genre, The Late Two’s each had their own charismatic sense of style, with guitarist even sporting his best baseball cap and anorak!   Appearances can be incredibly deceiving, it appears.

Similarly to Fox Colony, it was easy to see that The Late Two’s had quite the local following, with lots of interesting dancing being exhibited on the busy dance floor.   An energy that was reflected back by the band, with the lead singer giving a good confidence performance, not shying away from a swaying microphone.

Personally, The Late Two’s, for me, where the band of the night.   Both vocally and musically tight, it was clear they were enjoying what they were doing, which emanated from their energetic cover of The Who’s My Generation.   Definitely a band that Belfast had been lacking in.

Saying that, headliners Anto and The Echoes are another incredibly talented local band that make me proud to come from our wee country.   

Another act with plenty of crowd participation, particularly on their third track that saw many a punter raise their hands and clap above their heads.   Something we all enjoy, whether we admit it or not.   

The stand out element of Anto and The Echoes, in my opinion, was the soft tinkling of the keyboard, an instrument I believe does not get enough appreciation as it should do.   It added that little tinge of sweetness, amidst a collective of angsty, energy driven songs I listened to throughout the night.

My song of the night came from the headliners themselves, a haunting, emotional track called Forest.    The tight-knit harmonies and tribal drum beat brought something different to the band, and really proved why they deserved that headliner spot.   A diamond in the rough, if you ask me.

All in all, solid performances were given by all three acts on the night.   It’s just a shame that a full time job and early night meant I had to leave before the end.

Article by Olivia Kennedy

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