The Distortion Project enabled the return of mathcore elites The Dillinger Escape Plan to Limelight Belfast for their final tour and in promotion of their final album ‘Dissociation’. They were supported by Wicklow-based electronic/IDM artist Trenchurian who got the crowd warmed up and moving with his experimental beats, thrusting drum breaks and interesting melodic phrasing. His 30 minute set was accompanied by visuals that provided a complimentary background to his manic sound. Trenchurian is an act us at Treason would like to see return to Belfast for a show in the future!

The Dillinger Escape Plan can only be described adequately as an explosive charge on the senses, complete destroying what they encounter. Producing a feast of a setlist for the fans attending the show – the band covered all eras of their 20 year career which included singles such as Milk Lizard, fan-favorites including Hero of the Soviet Union, The Mullet Burden ( a surprise addition from the band’s 1998 ‘Under the Running Board’ EP) and Prancer with its aggressive grooving flow, as well as ending the set on the furious amalgamation of hammering drum breaks and dissonant riffs that is 43% Burnt. The band were frantic throughout, maneuvering the stage like blood-thirsty sharks on ecstasy. The lightshow was a wall of strobes battering the retinas. It was the biggest challenge of Steven’s career as he reported to Gigging NI following the show.

Photos and article by Steven Donnelly

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