The lord of the underworld, the infamous Wednesday 13, paid Limelight Belfast recently with support from Belfast horror-punks So Long Until The Seance (SLUTS). Tonight’s venue was jam packed with punters draped in black and the goth battalion in full regalia.

First up, SLUTS were incredibly well received by the large audience who came in to support the local band. With big guitar riffs, nasty bass, banging drums and the powerful vocals of Mike Von D – the band stormed the stage and delivered an exciting set. Highlights of the set were the single ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’ (for which the band recently released a music video) and ‘Dead Pretty’ which was dedicated to the ladies (absolute charmer!). They were at the top of their game this evening and have their eyes set on bigger prizes. Check out the interview with Mike and Tommy earlier in this issue.

Wednesday 13 and his band took to the stage in a cloud of dry ice and flashing lights. The band thrashed through their set, which featured tracks from across his career and in support of his latest studio effort ‘Condolences’. The main man himself creeped around the stage, standing high on his custom riser with fans and spotlights to enhance the visual aesthetics of his set. Songs such as the latest single ‘Blood Sick’, ‘Scream Baby Scream’ and the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 classic ‘I Love To Say Fuck’ got the crowd roaring in return.

Article and photos by Steven Donnelly

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