Satan’s best pals and local riff-famers recently launched their new music video for ‘Bad Case of the Devil’ [from their album ‘Legerdemain’] at the Limelight Belfast alongside Erosion, 2017 Metal2theMasses winners Shrouded and Baleful Creed. Speaking with Zlatanera before their set revealed that the tongue-in-cheek video was inspired by novels ‘Satan Burger’ by Carlton Mellick III and ‘Horns’ by Joe Hill. The video featuring many familiar local faces and  Lucifer himself going to see his favourite band in his favourite venue faced with protests outside was projected this afternoon on the big screen before the band’s set to great acclaim. To make it even more daft is the free bottles of branded ‘hand satanizer’ being given out to lucky punters!

Erosion first took to the stage in their new 4 piece configuration. We had last seen them in August 2016 in the same venue with singer Bryan who has since departed from his duties. With big riffs and a more groovy approach to their sound towards the sounds of Mastodon – the band warmed up the necks of the punters nicely. Blackened metallers Shrouded brought the cloud of darkness into the venue. Following their recently successes including securing a spot at this year’s Bloodstock featival,  the band have evolved into an incredibly tight and dynamic unit, creating a compelling atmosphere  and showcasing some excellent musicianship. They have a lot of potential for greater things in the international metal scene. Rockers Baleful Creed are a name synonymous with the local scene for many years. Their loud gritty and hard-hitting set of tunes shook the venue and helped bridge this afternoon’s bill towards the headline show.


This afternoon’s headliners took to the stage following the screening of their video producing an earthquake of infectious grooves that shook the venue to its foundations. Zlatanera [pronouned Zla-tan-er-a for those who keep saying it wrong] are a powerhouse of a band producing a supreme and unchained sound that rides through the venue relentlessly deafening all in their path. With songs such as ‘A Bar Too Far’ and  ‘Holy Man’s Crook’ gracing tonight’s setlist, necks were unhinged and long hair was shaking along the front barrier. The intensity of the band as they progressed through their set of larger-than-life drums, heavy and dark guitar riffs and driving bass lines grew and grew further ascerting their position of dominance within the local metal scene as kings of the groove.



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