Saturday’s Blackstaff Round Up was a special one for us with the announcement of Treason magazine. Unfortunately, due to the excitement of the release of the publication, the spectacular amount of new local music released this month was slightly overshadowed.

When putting the playlist together for this month’s show, I was in total shock at how much new music was entering the scene at the same time. This is the type of positive signs we need to see more regularly and clearly indicates that we’re all going in the right direction.

Perhaps it’s even more amazing that among this tidal wave of tunes, we were able to pick a favorite. This months top local track comes in the form of the Armagh pop-punk band Hello Casanova’s brand new single ‘I Am A Machine’. With an aggressive main riff and the same chanting style chorus we’ve came to love, the boys have outdone themselves this time and in my opinion, have produced their best piece of work so far.

‘I Am A Machine’ is available online now!

Written by Seán McD

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