Deathbus x Daniel Wax Off is available on both band’s official Bandcamp channels.

Needless to say, we all expected this to be a noisy one. Pairing up with Scottish thrash outfit Daniel Wax Off, local crusty-dbeat-grindcore-[insertgenrehere] hallions Deathbus have delivered their follow-up to January 2016’s Holocoaster featuring my personal favourite ruthless thrash-out ‘Skeletal Warefare’. Consisting of 9 tracks, the first 5 by Deathbus and remaining 4 by Daniel Wax Off, this split is abrasive and relentless from beginning to end.

In a recent interview with Ale(ssandro Rocco), the bands first met at Poser Holocaust 2 – an annual metal and thrash festival held at Alexanders in Lisburn. It’s the second best thing about the small pub, right after the extremely retro carpeted floors in the main venue. I’m sure many a drink has been spilled on said floors, amongst spit, other bodily fluids and several faces from failed stage dive attempts. Gives me the heeby-jeebys thinking about it. Upon making acquaintance, both acts continued the conversation which led to this fine feisty batch of riffs. Although 9 tracks made it to the release, there are more in the vault for later release, tape label interest and a selection of shows scheduled to further their collaborative efforts. Its release was also timed with Deathbus’ support slot with American punks Leftover Crack in Dublin, whom the band cite as an influence.

Ale’s interview can be found in issue-003 of Treason Magazine:

As Hunter S. Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) opens the release with words of debauchery and grit – ‘Acid Tsunami‘ hits the listener with brutal force, throwing them into the midst of Deathbus‘ powerful chaotic sound. Caustic guitars and bass runs matched with John’s frantic drumming and the snarling vocals of Jared ‘Chef’ McGinn. The band pride themselves on their interchangeability between zealous cut-throat-velocity and mid-tempo thrash-inspired grooving riffage common in the structure of their songs on this EP including infectious headbanger ‘World in Submission‘ and ode-to-selves ‘SBOD‘ featuring the deep growling vocals of Ale and accentuating more hardcore stylings. ‘Goonbag/Rip Raw Boner‘ even make their reprisal on the split in far more repulsive, disorderly fashion. Completing their intensive destructive run, the calm before another storm [I say that very lightly], ‘Shooting Up with Satan‘ takes on an expeditious rampage in the back of Satan’s car/bus bridging the split with aggression and bad choices.

Daniel Wax Off on the remaining tracks concocts a full-blown thrash assault with furious agile riffage, screaming whammy solo action [now, that’s a film title there!] and stabbing drums perpetuate their contribution. These boys showed no signs of slowing down whatsoever. ‘Ed Rooney Rules‘, ‘Ellen Brody‘, ‘Folded Arms Crew‘ and ‘Fried or be Fried‘ collectively illustrate the band’s technical prowess with tongue-in-cheek humour.

What I really enjoyed about this release is how evident the sonic brotherhood between both acts is presented and the palette of influences they share in pursuit of all-out bombasting riff-feasts. Big up the lads on this venture and what comes next – I look forward to the next round!

Favourite tracks: SBOD (Deathbus), Ellen Brody (Daniel Wax Off)


Words: Steven Donnelly


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