The Tragedy of Dr Hannigan just released the video for their new single ‘Methods’ via their official channels ahead of their debut album ‘Fawkes Ache’ out 24th October. The bass-heavy groovin’ tune with its Bowie-esque tinges keeps the head anoddin’ feverishly!We spoke with mastermind Tony Wright about the influences and themes behind the song and video. Here’s what he had to say!

“I see the video as a cross between a Twilight Zone episode & The Simpsons when Bart & Millhouse drink too many Slurpees. The song is actually a positive one, despite the first verse suggesting otherwise. A song about owning your life & turning the tide if it’s not doing you any good. Never stop learning. Never rest on your laurels & never stop moving forward. The unreachable is sometimes that. If you’re chasing something that isn’t doing you any good, why punish yourself with wasting emotion & energy? You’re better than that… move on.”

Fawkes Ache – out 24th October 2017

“The video was made by the brilliant Tristan Crowe, he did the “A Little Solidarity…” [And So I Watch You From Afar] vid all those eons ago as well as Robyn Shiels & Arborist vids. Mick Macullagh (Son of the Hound) was driving whilst I had to chase his car uphill about twenty times. It was knackering! But I’m pleased as hell with the vid.”

The Tragedy of Dr Hannigan will be performing live at The Belfast Empire on 8th November 2017 with support from No Oil Paintings, Aidan Logan and Whale Talk. Visit the Facebook event page for more details:



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