Yesterday evening, Belfast-based alt-rockers A Plastic Rose released the official video for their track ‘The Last Revolution’ from their 2014 album ‘Flickering Light of an Inner War’ ahead of their triumphant return to the stage at this year’s Spectrum Festival. Spectrum Music Festival returns this month for its fifth consecutive year. This year, the festival’s home is right in the heart of Belfast’s Botanic Avenue, at The Belfast Empire on Thursday, 26 October 2017.

Known for their relentless live energy, ‘A Plastic Rose’ return as headliners, with their first show in over 2 years! The critically acclaimed band have since featured on BBC Radio 1‘s ‘Maida Vale’ live session for Huw Stephens (Radio 1/NME) who has labelled their sound as “mesmerizing”.

A Plastic Rose in rehearsal [Photo by Matthew Alexander Patton]

The video, showing the band giving it pure 90 in the APR HQ, was directed and produced by renowned film-maker and documentary photographer Matthew Alexander Patton featuring his distinct hallucinogenic visual stylings. Matthew was also the film-maker behind the music video for ‘Kids Don’t Behave Like This’ (from their 2012 release ‘Camera.Shutter.Life) and holds a vast archive of candid and live images spanning a decade of Northern Irish music and international acts.

Matt Patton told us more about the inspirations and creative approach to the video:

“Going into doing this video we were under some considerable time constraints, managing each of our individual schedules in the run up to Spectrum Festival on the 26th, so I made a point of approaching a pitch that would reflect the organised chaos of the song that fit into what we could do.

The idea was built on simply filming an authentic performance (really performing the song, as you would at a festival in front of all your chosen brethren) using a special Fresnel prism lens that I had made to create the reflections, refractions and visual obfuscations bouncing around the frame – I’ve been using prism lenses in my photography for some time now and so on a personal note, there’s a continuation of style.

We’ve done one-shot videos before with Kids Don’t Behave Like This, and originally I had planned to shoot the chaotic visual style only in multiple individual shots. Gerry (Norman) really made a case for doing another one-shot video, and I have to give him kudos for talking us into it. Choreographing everything out, making sure that the camera was where it needed to be throughout the song was a dance of considerable effort on the timescale we were looking at – though to be fair, the lads were going to be busting out the sweat take after take, it would have been wrong if I hadn’t been throwing myself about also.

I think it was the fifth proper take at the end of about eight full runs that worked without someone crashing into or over equipment and each other. I genuinely have to hand it to Ian, Gerry, Troy and Dave, they were tight as fuck take after take (looking at the audio waveforms alongside the actual song as proof) and it moved all the stress onto my own head to make sure the camera followed the flow of the song.

Two things I’m a massive fan of are Emmanuel Lubezki’s long-shot cinematography and Danny Boyle’s intentionally chaotic visual style. Aiming for the opposite of isolating a character or performance in negative space that separates what’s on-screen out from its environment, singling it out. Burying something in light, in noise, kinda’ becomes a statement about it; a part of it, a relationship.

The Last Revolution is a bit of a rush, a crescendo, and it’s a very personal song…and what we really wanted people to see was a music video that gathers a little statement of parts together about the song and about ourselves. It’s worth watching a few times over to catch all the bursts and imagery throughout (though I would say that.). “

APR are currently undergoing intense preparation in light of headlining the festival and will be sharing the stage with Jealous of The Birds, Brand New Friend, Scenery, Search Party, Hello Casonova and Surf Green – winners of this year’s BLKSTF Battle of Belfast!

A Plastic Rose headline this year’s Spectrum Festival at The Belfast Empire on 26th October 2017.

Tickets can be purchased via Ticketmaster here:

Details of the festival and live updates can be provided via the official Spectrum Facebook page:

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