Peter Agate strikes once again with the furious shutter at Limelight Belfast, this time for heavy metallers and sci-fi enthusiasts Orange Goblin with support from local hygiene conscious riffdemons Zlatanera [for those who still can’t pronounce it, phonetically it’s Zla-Tan-Er-A]. Big thanks to James and the Distortion Project for their continued support. Peter shared his full gallery with us from the show.

“Not just the UK’s reigning champions of balls-out, party-starting, booze-fuelled metal, but one of the very best live rock bands of all time, the mighty Orange Goblin have been a permanent and universally admired fixture on the British metal circuit for the past 18 years. Inspired by the gods of hard rock, heavy metal, punk rock and underground extremity, from Sabbath, Motörhead and Thin Lizzy through to Celtic Frost, Danzig and Black Flag – Orange Goblin were initially seen as major contenders amid the mid-90s stoner rock explosion, but it soon became apparent that this band had much more up their collective wizard’s sleeve than red-eyed boogie and flapping flares.” [1]

The band riffed their way through Belfast, Dublin and the Seige of Limerick on this stretch of the tour.

Check it out by clicking on any of the photos below.

OG 2
Orange Goblin [Photo by Peter Agate 2017]
Zlatanera 3
Zlatanera [Photo by Peter Agate 2017]

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