Resident metal-enthusiast Lauren McGowan gave her ears another beating with the new release from Belfast grinders Wardomized. Here’s what she had to say about ‘Forced to Eat From The Apple Tree’!

Forced to Eat From The Apple Tree – available 30th Nov 2017 on Bandcamp and other digital outlets. Artwork by Ciaran Notion.

‘Forced to Eat From The Apple Tree’ is Wardomized’s second release with the new line-up featuring Mike Largey on bass and Deane Montgomery on drums. The E.P. is out on November 30th but I got an exclusive look at what’s to come – prepare yourselves, it’s pretty fucking intense.

Read Lauren’s interview with Eddie in the latest issue of Treason by clicking HERE

Straight off the bat, powerful crossover-influenced riffs and high pitched screams hit you in the face with brute force in the intro to the first track, ‘Suicide Death Rock.’ The track features vocals from Alessandro Rocco, giving the song a variety of low-registered deathly growls with high pitched grindcore screams. Using two different styles of vocals is actually one of my favourite characteristics of grindcore, speaking as someone who doesn’t typically indulge in the genre. The song has a groovy feel but is essentially just non-stop intensity from start to finish.

The pace slows down a bit with the next track, ‘Blue, White and Black Flowers’ featuring J’aime Rachelle. When the pace slows down, it makes it easier to hear everything that’s going on; the guitar tone for one gets a massive thumbs up from me. The grungey, muddy tone blends in perfectly with the Nirvana-inspired riffs on this track. The combination of haunting reverb-heavy female vocals with low, looming growls is an interesting choice to make. While an acquired taste (it took me a few listens to fully grasp), this is a unique dynamic to add that gives the feel of the E.P. as a whole a compelling edge.

Wardomized feat. Jaime Rachelle [Photo by Sophia O’Connor, 2017]
Brainrot’ is the next track, and without missing a beat we’re straight into a ripping, screaming chaos. After a short chuggy section with a riff that grasps your attention, blast-beats come storming in with the distortion and vocals to match. As far as the E.P. goes performance-wise, I can’t find many faults. There’s no sloppy playing, the guitar and bass are a devastatingly heavy combo and the drums tie everything together with precision. My only criticism would be the snare can be quite hard to hear in some parts. This could either be down to playing or mixing, but with that very small tweak being made, Wardomized’s overall sound has the potential, in my opinion, to be absolutely ball-bustingly heavy.

The E.P. comes to a blistering conclusion with, my favourite track, ‘The Ultimate Demise.’ The song features the perfect blend of tempo changes, with fast thrash sections coupled with brutal deathy breakdown mid-sections. The track kicks into a blast-fuelled ending afterwards with a combination of growls and shrieks.

After listening to ‘Forced To Eat From The Apple Tree’ from start to finish, I almost feel out of breath as if I’ve been taken on a fucked-up frenzy of a musical journey. This is by far my favourite material that I’ve heard from Wardomized to date. I am really impressed with the improvements they’ve made since I first saw them live. As ever, Wardomized have proven themselves to be once again successful in delivering their bold message to music as a whole in their own unique and borderline violent way – that message being, “fuck you, we live life our own way.

Listen to the currently released material from the EP via the media player below!

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