UK-wide celebrations of independent venues and local music helps further bring to light those haunts that are the staple of our local music communities across Ireland and the United Kingdom. The followers and bands of the NI music scene call these places home on a weekly basis regardless of what’s going on and the more support and power to them, the better! These places are the heart of our scenes everywhere. However, January 2018 has just become more special for followers of the NI music scene, old and new…

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On 4th January, esteemed alternative band General Fiasco announced the first of what has now become two reunion shows at Voodoo Belfast. Best known for hook-laden pop singles such as ‘Ever So Shy’, ‘Sinking Ships’ and ‘Rebel Get By’ – General Fiasco dominated the UK music circuit in their prime, selling out venues independently including Belfast’s Ulster Hall, in addition to having music featured on numerous TV shows and highly commended touring supports and festival appearances.

The first show hosted at Voodoo on 31st January SOLD OUT in a matter of hours prompting the scheduling of a 2nd show the night before. The highly anticipated two shows will host two local supports, of whom are yet to be confirmed.

Reaching out to Stephen Leacock for comment regarding what prompted the shows, the drummer replied enthusiastically that “[It was] something we’ve joked on and off about doing for a while! Micky from Voodoo just asked us to play at the right time. The response [thus far] has been overwhelming!“. The band’s press release further indicated that the shows intend to assist in the “celebration of the importance of grassroots music venues everywhere, as without them, General Fiasco could simply not have existed.

Physical tickets for the 2nd show hosted at Voodoo Belfast on 30th January 2018 will go on sale THIS MONDAY (8th January 2018). Tickets are available over the bar. Treason suggests you get them quickly as another sell-out show is expected!



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