In January 2015, a collection of young local acts held meetings to establish a local music collective that would provide more performance opportunities in the local scene and hence, Blackstaff Music was born. We began organising concerts and producing 2-hour local music radio shows on Belfast Underground Radio to showcase the music these bands were releasing and in 2016 Seán McDonnell and Steven Donnelly took up the positions of Directors to begin producing events and the radio show on a more professional and regular level. We still run regular events in the city, hosting gigs for all genres, to cater the vast diversity in the scene. We decided that after the success and support that the event promotions and radio shows produced, that a local music publication would help tie them all together, giving the supporters of the local scene a hub to engage with all their favourite acts and to find new ones. All contributing to a healthier music city here in Belfast. We are all one.