Steven Donnelly

City: Belfast
Alias: Steven VX
Key roles: Director, Creative Manager, Photographer, Reviewer
Day Job: 
PhD Researcher in Geography and Planning

More commonly known as the man behind alternative punk rockers Steven VX & The Art Rats amongst other bad words – Steven became the Director and Creative Manager of Blackstaff Music Belfast in April 2016. He is a prolific photographer and reviewer contributing to various domestic and international media outlets. A PhD student in Geography and Planning at Queen’s University by day and a chronic insomniac by night. In his spare time, he enjoys annoying people, eating vegetarian pizzas, sleeping and pretending to do exercise.

Favourite local bands: Towers, Rudi, Petty Youth, Search Party, Saint Sapphire
Favourite band(s): Jimmy Eat World, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Glassjaw
All-Time Favourite Song: ‘Goodbye Sky Harbor’ by Jimmy Eat World

Instagram: @stevendonnelly94
Personal Flickr: 
Steven VX:

Check out Steven’s local music playlist below!